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Domestic Violence has a profound and devastating impact on Alaska Native Communities. 

For generations, our communities have faced high rates of abuse, often exacerbated by isolation, limited access to resources, and the intergenerational trauma resulting from historical injustices.

The unique cultural and geographical factors in Alaska have made it challenging for victims to seek help or escape abusive situations. Additionally, the close-knit nature of many Native communities can create barriers to reporting abuse due to fear of stigma or retaliation.

The consequences of domestic violence ripple through our communities, affecting not only indiviudals but also perpetuating a cycle of trauma that continues to be a pressing issue that demands attention, support, and culturally sensitive solutions.

The impact Domestic Violence has on Alaska Native villages is crippling, creating a profound and complex challenge for our communities.

Isolation, historical trauma, limited access to resources, and cultural factors compound the  impact of abuse, often making it difficult for victims to seek help or escape dangerous situations. This pervasive issue not only affects individuals but also strains the social fabric of Alaska Native communities.

How Domestic Violence Impacts Alaska Native Communities

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