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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Alaska Resources for DV & MMIWC

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If you are in need of assistance please contact us 907-519-6995

Huktaz'Un Shelter is dedicated to providing a safe, and empowering emergency refuge for Women, Children, and Two Spirited Individuals facing domestic violence. Founded on profound respect for indigenous women and families, our shelter is staffed by a dedicated team of individuals who understand the unique challenges and strengths of our residents.


Huktaz'un reminds us that, no matter how long the night may seem, the dawn will inevitably break, and the light of a new beginning will guide the way.

Resources & Information

MMIW of Alaska

Reports on Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and Children in Alaska

advocacy Page

View our 'Advocacy' Page for a list of 24/7 crisis hotlines and help hotlines in Alaska.

Domestic Violence impact on Alaska Native Villages

Learn about how Domestic and Sexual Violence can impact our families and villages.

Legal Assistance

Ask to speak to a legal advocate in your community or you can ask about ANDVSA’s Legal Program which provides victims of domestic violence and sexual assault with brief advice and direct representation in civil legal cases.

Join Us

Huktaz'Un Shelter stands as a beacon of hope and an emergency refuge for those affected by abuse.

Our Missions is to provide a safe haven for survivors, offering support, resources, and a path to healing. Our shelter offers confidential accommodations and resources for those seeking help.

Your support is instrumental to sustaining our mission. 

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